case study
Global Medical Tourism
The ask
To build the first global digital exchange for patients, hospitals, translators, insurance providers, logistics, pharmacies and other care delivery organizations.
client: SVAST
industry: Healthcare
  • Patients and care-seekers “FLY BLIND” with no easy way of finding relevant price, quality and availability information, digitally or otherwise.
  • Purely anecdotal or ill-trusted online sources are assisting them at their greatest time of need.
  • Due to this, many patients delay or do not seek care. They do not know their options or think they cannot afford it.
  • There may be better options in the next city, state or country.

Empathize & Define

We have done customer discovery sessions with patients and all other stakeholders who are part of the Medical Value Tourism (MVT) ecosystem. Our key findings are,

MVT business is very fragmented across the globe with lack of trust, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Health consumers preference to “consume” healthcare via self directed value based products.

1 out 3 patients actively research online to find other options and ensure they are getting true value (Second opinion).

Value is unique based on individual’s preferences, tastes, cultural norms and their definition of quality vs. price vs. personal utility.

Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

User pain points & Challenges

Business goals

User Journey & Persona

International Medical tourism

Detailed customer journey

User persona


Based on the insights gathered from various stakeholders and the vision from Svast founders we have created a business canvas model.


We have validated the business canvas model with the founders of Svast and incorporated feedback and finalized it. Using this we also defined the patient journey.

Based on the brainstorming,
Creating 5 different ideas/wireframe for a single feature.

Most of the stackholders are non-IT

Different of users


UI Screens

One Design for All the devices

One Layout

Consistent layouts throughout the design.

One -
Design language

To keep consistent product during all life cycle
and in the future we started with Design
work with us
Let’s work together to build something great.